Lefkada Island

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Bicycling Lefkada

It may be small, but bicycling Lefkada Island offers a a variety of alternative activities.

Our cycle route was pretty much a straight shot south to north, from Vasiliki to Lefkada.

The total distance was only 24 miles. The elevation gained was 1741 feet.

Therein lies the attraction of bicycling Lefkada compared to Kephalonia. A non-bionic cyclist with luggage can actually enjoy the ride!

We spent four days, and divided the ride into two parts by stopping in Nidri Beach. (Access to any other beaches was a major commitment to steep climbs.)

Bicycling Lefkada-Island-Map-

One of the greater pleasures of our bicycle route through the Ionian Islands is taking the ferry between them. This ferry from Fiskardo, Kephalonia to Vasiliki, Lefkada left daily. The ferry terminals are right in the towns. At both ends, it’s a five minute ride from accommodation. We saw vistas of the islands from such a different perspective when riding the ferry.


Bicycling Lefkada Island-Ferry from Fiskardo to Vasiliki
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Ferry from Fiskardo to Vasiliki
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Ferry from Fiskardo to Vasiliki

The town of Vasiliki follows the curves of the beautiful bay in which it sits. There are plenty of lodging choices and camping as well. We always look for budget places to stay. They may not be on websites, but just ask at the first store you come to and someone will have a room or apartment to rent. We were led to a place just two minutes ride from the ferry landing and within easy walking distance of the main street in town. So, we spent the remainder of the day cruising the main street.

Bicycling Lefkada Island

Day One: Vasiliki to Nidri

Distance: 21.6 km  (13.4 mi)/ Ascent: 370 m  (1213 ft) Descent: 363 m  (1190 ft)/Highest Elevation: 260 m (853 ft)

Bicycling Lefkada-Vasiliki-to-Nidri-Profile-
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Vasiliki to Nidri

On the ride up the hill from Vasiliki, there were numerous restaurants or cafés or gas stations where one could purchase food or water.

The first hill was only 1.5 miles long but the gradient most of the way averaged 6%. There were a lot of sections that registered 15% gradient. We pulled into a gas station for sandwiches and Anne asked the attendant to “fill up the trike!” More climbing ahead.

The rewards of climbing for almost 7 miles meant some spectacular views. These pictures also demonstrate why we did not take any side trips to the other beaches! We passed several wineries with tasting rooms and took another food break at the restaurant at the top of the climb.

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Vasiliki to Nidri
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Vasiliki to Nidri
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Vasiliki to Nidri

It was all break clutching downhill from there. The view of Nidri Beach as we descended was superb although it was hard to park the bike to keep it from rolling into town by itself!

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Vasiliki to Nidri-Nidri from road

The main street in Nidri is crowded with taverns, cafes and restaurants. It’s a shopper’s town. There is everything from natural sponges to natural oils to natural fiber hats! Get your tattoos or rent your motorbike. Nidri Beach has it all.

Mike went looking for lodging off the main street. I thought he went missing! Finally, he reappeared. He scored. Three blocks off the main street, he found a 60 Euro a night apartment for 30 Euro! Swimming pool, back yard garden, internet that worked, a room big enough to walk around without tripping on the furniture, and a 24 year old concierge, obviously the son of the owner. Konstantinos Hotel Apartments.

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Nidri Beach-Konstatine Hotel

The Nidri waterfront is framed by restaurants on one side and sailboats and motorboats on the other. There are many choices for day cruises to other islands and beaches from Nidri waterfront.

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Nidri Beach
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Nidri Beach
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Nidri Beach-Cruise to other islands

Bicycling Lefkada Island

Day Two-Nidri Beach to Lefkada

Distance: 17.5 km  (10.9 mi)/Ascent: 160 m  (528 ft)/Descent: 171 m  (562 ft)/Highest Elevation: 46 m (153 ft)

Scenically the ride to Lefkada is pleasant, but not spectacular. It is mostly easy undulating which is rare in these Greek Islands. There is one big hill about a mile long and it does have sections up to 15% gradient so no day is free of challenges.

We found a beautiful hotel at the far end of town near the causeway that connects Lefkada Island to mainland Greece.

Because it is still May, the expensive hotels are discounting their rooms. We paid 40 Euro for a wonderful 100 Euro room in hotel Nirikos.

The receptionist, Gorgiana, was fascinated with my trike so she took a ride around the block. She also gave us some spinach pie as a treat. This is a very nice section of town and we highly recommend coming to this end of town if you are staying here.

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Lefkada-Gorgiana
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Lefkada
Bicycling Lefkada Island-Lefkada-Nikiros Hotel

From our room, we have a fine view of the causeway that connects Lefkada Island to the mainland. We will bicycle across tomorrow and cycle the mainland coast for four days.

Bicycling Lefkada Island-Lefkada Causeway to mainland
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