Many times we thought about bicycling Tasmania. We had read that most of the country was wilderness…and that was the kind of place we enjoyed cycling. When we made this spur of the moment trip to Australia, we had no plans of any kind.

It was a fortuitous event that not only did we end up bicycling Tasmania, but we also committed to making our first ever bicycle tour with a commercial company.


We had never cycled with any group…nor had anyone ever carried our gear for us.

Bicycle Network Victoria is a non-profit organization working to develop enthusiasm for bicycling. They are an immense success. They now have a membership over 43000 strong. We fell into their embrace by accident while in Melbourne for the Tennis Open.

We don’t like crowds! Four to six people at a time is maximum for us.

We went on a nine day cycle tour  for 544 kilometers with 3000 cyclists!

We have never had so much fun; we would love to do it again!

An auspicious beginning? We caught the last ferry to Tasmania before the cyclone hit. The next day, the ships were turned back. One ferry captain must not have gotten the message in time. Waves broke through the windows of the control cabin high atop the ship.

The same wind demolished our tent which was pitched in a quiet camping area in Devonport, where we were waiting for the ride to begin. An emergency bus ride to the bigger town of Launceston allowed us to purchase a new one for the ride. All is well.

Three thousand cyclists are gathering now in Devonport for the ride to Hobart.

Bicycling Tasmania Map
Bicycling Tasmania Australia

Riders leave whatever time they wish.

The distance is set for each day.

The only requirement is to pack up your gear and get it loaded into the trucks in the morning.

All our gear is transported by big semi trucks to the next camping destination.

The route is hilly. 

There are some steep ones in our future. 

The roads are narrow; there is no shoulder. 

The paving is reasonably smooth.

Bicycling Tasmania Australia

We all go our own pace.


There is someone new to meet and cycle with everyday.


There are designated lunch stops along the route each day where we get good sandwiches.


Frequent water stops are also set up along the route.

Bicycling Tasmania Australia-
Bicycling Tasmania Australia-
Bicycling Tasmania Australia-
Bicycling Tasmania Australia-

Bicycle Network Victoria Sets Up the Amenities…While we Ride

Bicycling Tasmania Australia

The dining Tent


Bicycle Network Victoria sets up the food tent at the destination. 

They prepare breakfast and dinner. 

The food is excellent and filling. 


Bicycling Tasmania-Bicycle Network Victoria

The Bar!


There is a bar!

It is very popular!

Live music too!


Bicycling Tasmania Australia

The Water Tank


The water tank follows the cyclists all day long.


Bicycling Tasmania Australia

Dish Washing Station


Every one washes their own dishes, but is an easy task with this functional station.


Bicycling Tasmania Australia

The Showers

Camping with 3000 other cyclists!

Buy clothes or equipment at discount!


Demo an upscale touring bike!


We rode a tandem for a day!

Bicycling Tasmania Australia-
Bicycling Tasmania Australia

Hobart-End of the Tour

Bicycling Tasmania-Hobart Tasmania

After nine days of non-stop cycling, great food, great service and new friends, we arrive in Hobart, our destination.



A charming town in it’s own right.. we spent two days enjoying the sights.

Bicycling Tasmania Australia-Hobart
Bicycling Tasmania-Hobart Tasmania
Bicycling Tasmania-Hobart Tasmania


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