Chateau Chaumont


16 miles (27 km)

Total so far: 1,552 miles (2,497 km)

Ascent: +458 ft (140 m); Descent: -422 ft (129 m)


Route 2,978,920 – powered by


We rode out of Blois with great views of the city.

It’s Sunday. Therefore, the most important thing we have to do is find a market that’s opened this morning because they will all be closed by noon. So from the Blois campground we decided to ride back uphill to Vineuil where we went to the market last night. The market in the city itself was too far away and up to many hills. So it took us about an hour to get to the market, do our shopping and get on our way. The market was jammed with last minute Sunday shoppers. Hard to get used to everything closing down.

The route followed the Loire River for a ways and then turned inland towards the Château of Chaumont. We passed through very pretty towns on the way.

The inland route goes through several small villages, the prettiest is Cande-Sur-Beuvron. It was a steep climb and very steep descent to the village.



After Cande-Sur-Beauvron, a dedicated bike path follows the river through very pretty woods. There are numerous picnic areas.

The town of Chaumont is very nice to explore. It sits right on the banks of the Loire

The Château requires a €16 entrance fee per person so we just decided not to go in. Unfortunately, you can’t even see the Château unless you go in. But there are many others to see along this wonderful route. We did take a picture of the poster!

Blois-Chaumont-France-Chaumont chateau

Blois-Chaumont-France-Chaumont chateau

But we decided to stay at the campground which is just a half a kilometer away from the Château in the town. The campground is on the Loire River and is very peaceful and pretty. They supposedly have Wi-Fi at the tiny office, and there are some power plugs in the bathrooms where you can charge your electronics.


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