A Favorite Town

14 miles (23 km)

Total so far: 1,566 miles (2,520 km)

Ascent: 669 ft  (204 m); Descent: 658 ft (200 m)


Route 2,978,920 – powered by


This is the heart of the Chateau country. We had read about many routes one could ride through the neighboring countryside to see many chateaus. We had decided to do a circular route from a selection called the Pays des Chateaux. We had a small map in the guide book we possessed. But, we could not relate the route to where we were. Our map was too limited. As usual, the tourist offices were closed. With no other map of France, we could not find the route. Such a shame. It seems one must come prepared with all their itineraries as finding maps in the towns has been so difficult.

So the day was filled with bicycling along a scenic route. Some of the path was quite rough gravel. This was supposed to be an easy day of only 43 km but the rough surface on the roads in France are so slow that they make a laborious day out of even the flat. There was a climb into the hills onto a very desolate plateau.

The arrival to Amboise is very dramatic; the road drops down an extremely steep hill with big potholes and rough surface. One passes by the Château where Leonardo da Vinci lived his last years.
Chaumont-Amboise-France-Road to Amboise

Chaumont-Amboise-France-Road to Amboise

And then into the town of Amboise which in our opinion is the nicest town we’ve seen in France on this ride. It has charm with cafés and shops and tourists on the streets.
The Château is immense and overwhelms the hillside that it sits upon. There is a lot to do here for walking around the town and for visiting the different buildings of interest.
There is a nice campground on the island in the middle of the Loire River. It is very large and spacious. It does not, however give access to the River because it is fenced in with hedges.
Chaumont-Amboise-France-Amboise-Loire River

Chaumont-Amboise-France-Amboise-Loire River

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