Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France-9-17-14

Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France

Great towns but not such an interesting ride


20 miles (31 km)

Total so far: 1,680 miles (2,704 km)

Ascent: +317 ft ( 97 m); Descent: -338 ft (103 m)


Route 2,978,920 – powered by


It’s a very short ride, but we didn’t find anything that was exciting about the route. St Remy-La-Varenne was a very pretty town along the route so the first part of the day was quite interesting.

As soon as we crossed the bridge over the Loire to the right bank, the route took us into the backcountry of France and it was not particularly picturesque. We would’ve enjoyed rather to have followed the Highway D952 which was right on the banks of the Loire.

Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France

Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France

We did not go into Angers. Not only was it a climb into the city but we don’t particularly care for big cities. So we took the alternate route that continued along the Loire and we found a very nice bicycle path after the junction to Angers.

We ended up at Les Ponts-de-Ce for the evening. It’s a magical part of the Loire River where there are many branches of the River and a bridge must go across a very long section of canals and rivers and branches. The campsite was on an island between many of these different River branches. The campsite unfortunately was in the trees back away from the river, but it was only a five minute walk to the river’s edge where we had a splendid view of the town across the canal. The light was magical for the evening and we enjoyed pizza at one of the restaurants for one of very few restaurant meals in France.

Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France-campground

Gennes-Les Ponts-de-Ce France-campground

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