Hiking Colorado

Why Hiking Colorado is Unique

There is a special aura about hiking Colorado. The region has an astounding array of geologic formations, including hot springs, Anasazi cliff dwellings, the highest mountain top mesa in the world the majestic Black Canyon of the Gunnison River and most of the highest peaks on the northern continent are situated in its 5 national parks, 42 State Parks, and 41 wilderness areas.

Colorado has more Victorian buildings, mining history, ghost towns, wild flowers, magnificent aspen forests, picturesque auto tours, and 4-wheel drive high mountain exploration roads than any other geographic area in the northern continent, and perhaps all the world.


Hiking Colorado

Hiking Colorado is high country hiking at its best.


We have published 3 guides on hiking Colorado.

These guides concentrate on the Southwest Colorado region.

It is our most favorite area.

Crested Butte Colorado 65 Scenic Day Hikes

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Southwest Colorado High Country Day Hikes Ouray, Silverton & Lake City

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Southwest Colorado High Country Day Hikes Telluride

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Scenic Colorado Byways connect the historic towns of southwest Colorado.

Drive the gorgeous, paved San Juan Skyway (The Million Dollar Highway) between Ouray (G), and Silverton (F). The Skyway loop continues on to Ridgway (H)  and Telluride (I).

Many of the hikes in our books are accessed from this scenic highway.



It’s easy to find an excuse to drive the absolutely stunning West Elk Loop which connects Crested Butte (I) to Gunnison (G), and to Lake City (red balloon). 

From Gunnison, Hwy 149 south to Lake City is delightful. You simply can’t go wrong driving these fabulous roads between these historic towns.

These scenic byways are reason enough for a vacation!

Hiking Colorado-Columbine State Flower

The Famous Alpine Loop, an area of 4x4 mountain roads, connects Ouray and Silverton to Lake City.

If you have a 4x4 vehicle, it is an absolutely thrilling experience to drive the loop.

Access to some of the trails near Lake City are on this famous backcountry scenic byway.

Hiking Colorado-Alpine Loop Scenic Byway
Ouray_Silverton_Lake City Location Map
Hiking Colorado-wildflowers

Hiking Southwest Colorado also means fields of colorful, amazing wildflowers and the largest Aspen forests in the country.

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Then…lets get to hiking!

Now you know why all of our Colorado hiking guide books are focused on hiking Southwest Colorado

So…have we given you enough reasons to come and explore southwest Colorado? 

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