Hiking Volcan Lanin Argentina

Lanín is an ice-clad, cone-shaped volcano on the border of Argentina and Chile.

It straddles two national parks: Lanín in Argentina and Villarrica in Chile.

Hiking Volcan Lanin Argentina

Volcan Lanin

Volcan Lanin lies on the border of Argentina and Chile in the Lake District

Volcan Lanin has earned the nickname “King of the Lake District”. It is higher than all the surrounding mountains at 3776 meters (12,395 feet) above sea level.

The summit ascent of Volcan Lanin is technically relatively simple but has however a much higher level of exposure than the neighbouring volcanoes. The nearest towns, usually employed as a base for climbers, are Pucón in Chile and Junín de los Andes in Argentina.

There are two paths to the summit: one on the north, starting at 1,200 metres near Tromen Lake and the international Mamuil Malal Pass, accessible via Neuquén’s Provincial Route 60; and one on the south, starting beside Huechulafquen Lake, accessible via Provincial Route 61.



Hiking Volcan Lanin-Malleo River Argentina

Troman Lake, by the way, and the Malleo river that flows out of it are fed by Volcan Lanin snows. 

It just so happens the lake and river provide some of the most acclaimed fly fishing in the area.

We should add that fly fishing all over Argentina is a national and international sport.

Private properties open their waters to enthusiasts for a hefty fee!

Hiking Volcan Lanin is an easy undertaking if not planning on a summit trek.

We hiked from Tromen Lake access.

We had no intention of climbing to the summit.

Hence, the rangers did not need to inspect equipment.

This would be a day hike up the rough scree trail. 

The turn around point was the Mirador, a spectacular viewpoint about 1 hour of relatively easy trekking.

We were ready to start up the trail when two summit seekers arrived.

The rangers gave their equipment a thorough check.

They even made sure the hikers knew how to put on their crampons.

There have been tragic accidents in the past with unprepared trekkers.

Hiking Volcan Lanin Argentina
Hiking Volcan Lanin Argentina

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