Hiking New Zealand

 Hiking New Zealand

What do YOU think about when you hear the words Hiking New Zealand?

Great Walks?

You and thousands of other avid hikers all over the world have probably heard of the Great Walks of New Zealand.

Hiking New Zealand has become synonymous with hiking the Great Walks.

There are 9 Great Walks. Three on North Island and 6 on South Island

You can see the location and description of all of the Great Walks on this Doc website.

Keep in mind that there are strict rules and regulations for hiking the Great Walks. During the high season, they all require advanced booking. Some of the most popular hikes necessitate booking a year or more in advance.

Here’s a link to DOC regulations for Great Walks and other treks.

The bottom line is that the Great Walks take a bit of planning and commitment.

 We were bicycling around New Zealand. We did not have the luxury of planning far in advance. We never knew how far we might ride each day as wind, weather and gradients were powerful dictators of daily distance.

Hence, we found plenty of opportunities for hiking New Zealand along the routes we were bicycling. They did not require advanced bookings.

We found some beauties,

 but there are so many more one can do on a drop in basis if you have the time.

The Tongariro Northern Circuit is a 3-4 day Great Walk requiring advanced booking. One of the trekking days covers the same spectacular terrain as the one day hike on the Tongariro Crossing, which we did on the spur of the moment.

St James Walkway is completely off the beaten track. A 4-5 day trek with huts, there were not any hikers when we trekked it!

Mt Cook National Park offers numerous splendid day hikes and short walks. These are the treks we added to our bicycling adventure through New Zealand. We hope our photos motivate you to find your own treks when hiking New Zealand.

Tongariro National Park

Hiking Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Hiking Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Mt Cook National Park

Hiking Mt Cook National Park New Zealand

Hiking Mt Cook National Park New Zealand

St James Walkway

Hiking St James Walkway-New Zealand

Anne Hut to Boyle Flat

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